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Torrerivera | Azienda agricola
“Olive oil is more than a condiment: it embodies Mediterranean civilization and culture.”

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La storica Azienda Agricola Torrerivera coltiva direttamente 56 ettari piantumati ad olivo e produce olio extravergine monovarietale di qualità superiore, con una lavorazione diretta di olive delle varietà Coratina e Santagostino.

What is a single cultivar oil?

According to recent estimates, there are no fewer than 538 varieties of olive trees […]

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The name “Torre Rivera” comes from a vast estate […]

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All about oil

Extra virgin olive oil preserves its qualities better than any other […]

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Pairing oils is an art in which the Italians have educated the world. After all, why would you use the same oil with both steak tartare and soup? Our Single Cultivar Oils can perfectly complement all foods thanks to their variety of aromas and levels of acidity.

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Torrerivera recipes

Extra virgin olive oil is the ideal condiment to use in a healthy diet. The unique qualities of extra virgin olive oil can best be appreciated by using it in the traditional manner as a condiment for the countless types of salad that can be made.

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Expert tips

The first tip is to trust your palate. When tasting extra virgin olive oil, it must be appreciated – and therefore chosen – for the tactile sensations, aromas and flavours that can be enjoyed as a harmonious whole.

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As oil makers who are dedicated to quality, we have always considered the role of chefs and food professionals to be essential […]

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