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Company history | Torrerivera

Company history

Historical background
The name “Torre Rivera” comes from a vast estate that once belonged to the noble Rivera family from L’Aquila. They were listed as big landowners in an 18th century land register for the city of Andria known as the Catasto Onciario del.Olive groves, vineyards and woodland can be found on the Torrerivera estate. Over the years, the land has been parcelled out and subsequently sold, taking it from approximately 1400 hectares in the early decades of the 20th century to its current size.
The Civita family
Riccardo Civita was Andreina’s grandfather. He was the first to take a modern entrepreneurial approach in the running of the family estate. After a distinguished career as a civil engineer, which included structural work on the Apulian Aqueduct between 1910 and 1916, Riccardo used his professional expertise to overhaul the land and crops. In 1933, he began to clear stones from the Torrerivera land and construct roads and rural buildings. He also planted new olive trees and started to rear sheep and cattle.
Riccardo’s son Vincenzo was an expert, dedicated agronomist and he decided to make Torrerivera his home. Under his direct management, animal rearing was gradually abandoned and the estate started to specialize in grape and olive growing and trading. A modern irrigation system was built, featuring an artesian well and water tanks.
After Vincenzo passed away, his son Riccardo took over the running of the estate. He was the second member of the family to make Torrerivera his permanent home. Riccardo established a clear corporate identity and continued the renovation work started by his father. He redeveloped the agricultural and service systems and set up a short supply chain scheme which has now been inherited by his sister Andreina.