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The company today

In 2009, Andreina Civita and Pericle Poli decided to embark on an ambitious redevelopment scheme that revolutionized the way that they managed the land, cultivation and product processing and sales procedures. Torrerivera was established as a limited liability company (S.r.l.) and began to specialize in growing olives to be processed in its own state-of-the-art mill. As well as making superior quality oils, the company also set itself the goal of converting to organic production in its vineyards, which span approximately 20 hectares.

The widely held view is that olive oil production in the Apulia region is only capable of focusing on the quantitative side of things. Torrerivera decided to concentrate on quality because it wanted to continue the work done by the company in its 80 years as a family-run enterprise and finally achieve its long-cherished goals. Continuity is the best way of espousing tradition, while innovating the products and processing systems is absolutely crucial when aiming for top quality. Torrerivera believes that top quality products must be both delicious and wholesome. In its quest to accomplish this, it is constantly acquiring new equipment.