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Pairing oils is an art in which the Italians have educated the world. After all, why would you use the same oil with both steak tartare and soup? Our Single Cultivar Oils can perfectly complement all foods thanks to their variety of aromas and levels of acidity.
When it is used raw, the general rule to follow for pairing extra virgin olive oil is that it must harmoniously match or be in contrast with the food or dish in question. When it comes to matching, light foods and dishes go well with moderately fruity oils that are not too thick or viscous on the palate and have slightly bitter and spicy notes. Meanwhile, highly fruity bitter and spicy oils with compact, substantial bodies bring out the best in flavoursome foods and dishes with finely structured fragrances and tastes. Alternatively, the qualities of a delicate food or dish can be brought to the fore by contrasting it with an oil with an intense fragrance and flavour.
Torrerivera Santagostino Single Cultivar Oil can be harmoniously paired with white fish, fresh cow’s milk cheeses, buffalo mozzarella or burrata, ricotta and soft pecorino. For contrasting purposes, it can be used with medium goat’s and sheep’s milk cheese and firm fish.
Torrerivera Coratina Single Cultivar Oil can be harmoniously matched with mature goat’s and sheep’s milk cheese and bread or vegetable soup. It is also superb with flavoursome cooked vegetables such as turnips and black cabbage, raw artichokes and mixed salads with bitter herbs and wild rocket. It is ideal for use as a contrasting dip with raw vegetables such as fennel, celery and cos lettuce.