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The mill | Torrerivera

The mill

Torrerivera strives to produce top quality extra virgin olive oil that keeps its aromas, flavours and nutritional properties intact by taking advantage of modern knowledge about the vegetative development of olives and innovative olive oil extraction solutions. In order to accomplish this, it has built an exclusive mill by drawing on decades of research into the most respectful extraction techniques.

The entire process, from the crushing to the extraction, takes around ten minutes. Internationally renowned scholars advised the company during the creation of the procedure, which takes place at room temperature in a vacuum chamber, without the addition of water.

First of all, the olives go through a disinfecting stage to reduce the amount of bacteria on the surface. Next, they are moved to an oil mill with steel blades and then into vertical kneaders that operate in a vacuum to prevent harmful oxidation of the paste. A horizontal decanter separates the oil from the vegetation water, which is completely removed straight afterwards in a filtering process.

The speed of the procedure minimizes the contact time with vegetation water and the air, so all of the oil’s aromatic and nutritional properties are fully preserved.

Immediately after the extraction, Torrerivera extra virgin olive oil is put in nitrogen-filled stainless steel tanks and stored at a constant temperature of approximately 16°C.