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My Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil remains unaltered in its Bag-in-Box packaging.

Modern technology and very practical packaging – the vacuum ensures that the taste of our organic extra virgin olive oil remains unaltered to the end, to give you just taste, without worries.

Taste it now

Olive Mill

How the flavour of our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is achieved.

You know when the strong, exciting and lively taste of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil lingers in your mouth and, if you close your eyes, you can almost feel the wind rustling through the leaves of our olive grove.

Well, that taste comes from our olive mill – ours and ours alone – to create an unforgettable organic extra virgin olive oil. Because quality gives rise to tastes, aromas and sensations that are truly unique, and truly organic.

Want to find out more?
A passion as smooth as oil.
As genuine as organic.

Our company

In our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil lies a history of family and future.

We have ancient hands and thoughts of the future, to seek the best of a land we love, cultivated with kindness and transformed into the intense green of our oil. We put our hearts into it, with energy, strength and sincerity.
We work with passion, distilling all the goodness and truth from our olives at our olive mill.
We are small, so we want to create big quality in the right proportions, taking care of our bottles one by one.
We are young and we work the earth by choice, attentive to its equilibrium, to leave marks of respect upon our planet.
We are sincere. In our oil is the story of what we are and of the world we have imagined –greener, more authentic, truer.

Our land – truly delicious!

Taste the force of an unforgettable landscape in our organic extra virgin olive oil.

Our olive groves are a gem set in a beautiful place: our organic extra virgin olive oil truly contains all the wonder of the sound of the salt waves and of the wind in Alta Murgia, the splendour of our architecture and the mystery of narrow streets hidden between dry stone walls. Our olive oil is as unexpected as the glimpses you see when you turn a corner, following the smell of freshly baked bread, and a world of ancient gestures and genuine smiles unfolds.

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