Bread and Crostini

Ingredients for the bread:
550 g durum wheat semolina;
350 g water;
3 g fresh yeast;
2 tablespoons of Torre Rivera Santagostino blend organic extra virgin olive oil;
1 tablespoon of unrefined salt;
1 teaspoon of molasses (honey or barley malt can be used instead).

Dissolve the yeast in 50 g of warm water;
Add another 200 g of water;
Add about 250/300 g of flour, a little at a time, until the mixture is smooth;
Knead briefly, form into a round shape and place the dough in a mixer bowl covered with clingfilm;
Leave it to rise somewhere warm (for example in a switched-off oven with the light on) until it has doubled in volume (around 8 hours);
Dissolve the salt in a little of the remaining 100 g of water;
Add the unsalted water, the Torre Rivera oil and the molasses to the dough and mix with the flat beater;
Add the salted water and, a little at a time, the remaining flour;
Continue kneading until elastic;
Transfer the dough onto a suitable surface and form it into a sausage shape;
Line a baking cloche with baking paper and place the bread dough inside;
Leave it to rest until it has almost doubled in volume (about two hours at the most);
Put the lid on the cloche, place the flame diffuser on the smallest gas ring and place the cloche on it;
Bake at a low heat for 45 minutes, using a toothpick to check;
If you prefer to bake in an oven, bake for 30 minutes at 180° in static mode;
Once baked, turn it out, remove the baking paper and leave the bread to cool before slicing it. 

We will use this bread to prepare three types of crostini, each using a different Torre Rivera olive oil; each oil has its own unique character that not only enhances the flavours it accompanies, but, when chosen with care, reveals all of its wonderful nuances and becomes a defining element of the dish.
Below are the ingredients to make one crostino; to make more, just multiply the quantities by the number of people.

Crostino with burrata, basil and sundried tomatoes with Torre Rivera Santagostino organic extra virgin olive oil:
One slice of toasted bread;
One small burrata;
One sundried tomato preserved in oil;
One basil leaf;
Salt and pepper to taste;
Torre Rivera Santagostino extra virgin olive oil.

Arrange the burrata on the slice of bread and season with a little salt and pepper;
Add the sundried tomato and the basil leaf;
Pour over the Torre Rivera olive oil.

The mild bitterness and refined flavour of the Santagostino olive oil complements the delicacy of the burrata, giving it a bolder flavour.

Crostino with borlotti cream and caramelised onions with Torre Rivera Blend organic extra virgin olive oil:
One slice of toasted bread;
One ladle of cooked borlotti beans and a little of the cooking water as needed;
3 slices of red onion;
1 spoon of raw brown sugar (I used atado dulce, more flavourful than white sugar but not overpowering);
Two glasses of water;
Salt, pepper and oregano;
Edible flowers to decorate;
Torre Rivera Blend organic extra virgin olive oil.

Cook two slices of onion with water and sugar over a medium heat;
When the water has almost completely evaporated, turn off the heat; you need a creamy consistency and shouldn’t let the sugar solidify too much;
Meanwhile, sauté the beans with a chopped slice of onion, a little Torre Rivera oil, salt, pepper and oregano;
Blend them with a little of the cooking water;
Spread the borlotti cream on the crostino;
Add the caramelised onion;
Decorate with the edible flowers;
Drizzle with Torre Rivera olive oil.

This Blend of Puglia olives has a bold but not overpowering character which adds smoothness to the crostino, adding a note of bitterness to balance the sweetness of the beans and the onion.

Crostino with dark chocolate, pink Himalayan salt and Torre Rivera Coratina organic extra virgin olive oil:
One slice of toasted bread;
Two squares of 75% cocoa dark chocolate;
A few grains of salt;
Torre Rivera Coratina organic extra virgin olive oil.

Roughly chop the chocolate and arrange it on the slice of bread;
Add the salt;
Heat the bread in a bread cloche, or in a pan with a lid, just long enough to melt the chocolate;
Drizzle with Torre Rivera olive oil.

This unusual combination is perfect for those who appreciate bold flavours. Instead of seeking balance, in this case I let the Coratina express all its rustic vitality to the full; the tang of its punchy flavour is softened only by the presence of a little salt. For those who are more daring I recommend trying this with 100% cocoa dark chocolate instead.

Ricetta di: Simona Laus @incucinacolfornetto
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