Crostoni with goat’s milk ricotta, wild garlic pesto and wild greensIngredients for one jar of pesto: 60 g young wild garlic leaves, not too fleshy 20 g almonds (blanched or not, as preferred) 20 g 18-month parmesan cheese 1 pinch of coarse salt Organic extra virgin olive oil Ingredients for the crostoni: 4 slices of homemade bread (can be a few days old) 200 g […]READ MORE
Rocket pesto and burrata capresePesto ingredients: 50 g rocket 40 ml Torre Rivera extra virgin olive oil 3 walnuts 45 g parmesan/pecorino cheese 1/2 garlic clove Salt to taste Method: Place all the ingredients in a mixer and blend the pesto to the desired consistency. Salad ingredients: 2 small burrata or 1 large Torre Rivera extra virgin olive oil […]READ MORE
Extra virgin olive oil madeleinesIngredients: 250 g room temperature yogurt 250 g sugar 375 g flour 270 g Torre Rivera extra virgin olive oil 4 eggs Zest of one untreated lemon 16 g vanilla baking powder 3 g salt Method: Beat the egg with the sugar in a bowl for around 3 minutes. They should be thick and fluffy. […]READ MORE
Artichokes with Torre Rivera olive oilIngredients: 2 artichokes Bread 1 clove of garlic Torre Rivera extra virgin olive oil Pecorino Toscano cheese Salt, pepper Method: 2 artichokes thinly sliced and pan roasted in Torre Rivera olive oil. Put part of the artichokes aside, leave to cool and then blend with the pecorino. Toast the bread and spread it with the […]READ MORE
Clementine and olive oil cakeIngredients: 3 clementines 4 large room temperature eggs Zest of 1 lemon 160 g caster sugar 100 ml Nocellara extra virgin olive oil 175 g almond flour 1/2 sachet of vanilla baking powder Method: Place the clementines in a pan of water. Boil for 30 minutes. Leave to cool. Chop the clementines and remove any […]READ MORE
Bread and CrostiniIngredients for the bread:550 g durum wheat semolina;350 g water;3 g fresh yeast;2 tablespoons of Torre Rivera Santagostino blend organic extra virgin olive oil;1 tablespoon of unrefined salt;1 teaspoon of molasses (honey or barley malt can be used instead). Method:Dissolve the yeast in 50 g of warm water;Add another 200 g of water;Add about 250/300 […]READ MORE
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