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In our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil lies a history of family and future.

We have ancient hands and thoughts of the future, to seek the best of a land we love, cultivated with kindness and transformed into the intense green of our oil. We put our hearts into it, with energy, strength and sincerity.

We work with passion, distilling all the goodness and truth from our olives at our olive mill.

We are small, so we want to create big quality in the right proportions, taking care of our bottles one by one.

We are young and we work the earth by choice, attentive to its equilibrium, to leave marks of respect upon our planet.

We are sincere. In our oil is the story of what we are and of the world we have imagined – greener, more authentic, truer.

There is passion, magic and a lot of energy in every precious drop of our organic extra virgin olive oil; it holds the scents of our land, the rustle of our olive trees and, above all, the smiles of all our employees.

At Torre Rivera we believe in things that are sincere, which are always the simple things, good as a slice of bread with a drizzle of oil. This is why we cultivate our olives – the varieties of Coratina, Peranzana, Santagostino, Uovo di Piccione and Nocellara with respect for Nature, for her rhythms and peculiarities. We are convinced that less is better and that everything Nature gives us back, when treated with respect, is better and truer.

We cultivate over 56 hectares of olive groves, following the rhythms of the land and of Nature to harvest genuine olives and to create an organic extra virgin olive oil with a balanced flavour, created to accompany your passion for genuine flavours.

Did you know that cultivating olives is one of the excellences of Italian agriculture? 

This crop has a thousand-year history, handed down over time, making our country the world’s leading producer of olives, in terms of quality.

At Torre Rivera, for our 17,000 olive trees, we follow a cultivation method that allows the use of only natural substances, that is, those found in nature, excluding the use of chemically synthesised substances (fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides). For us, organic farming means developing a production model that avoids the overexploitation of natural resources, in particular soil, water and air, using these resources within a development model that can last over time.

Olives and passion, always: Torre Rivera was founded by our grandfather. Later our mother took care of the company, keeping it going with sacrifice and patience, enhancing its history. She also gave it a truly feminine innovative boost, believing in her dream of producing excellent organic extra virgin olive oil from the olives of her land.

Today Torre Rivera is run by my sister and myself. We continue to believe in the dream and want to transform it, every day, in the exquisite simplicity of an oil that can make every dish a moment of joy.

A passion as smooth as oil. As genuine as organic.

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