Natural is better

We’ve been organic for over 15 years. We carefully explored it, we believed in it and we converted our crops, because natural is better.
We are certified by ICEA, a control body that periodically verifies compliance with organic standards.
On our farm, all crops are managed according to the organic guidelines, from the olive groves to the vineyards, to the orchard, to our kitchen garden.

Only what is needed

We have built a new sub-irrigation system, replacing the old above-ground system. All the pipes run underground, so the water supplied directly irrigates the roots of our olive groves.
This cultivation technique, eliminating evaporation, lowers water consumption by 30-40%: in this way our olive trees receive only the water they need, without waste, because water is a precious asset to be preserved.

Stubborn by nature
Quality is our mantra

We are stubborn by nature, so we prefer local cultivars: Coratina and Peranzana, local cultivars destined for the production of oil, but also SantAgostino and Uovo di Piccione, cultivars traditionally used as table olives which, for their nature, have a lower yield when processed for oil. From the latter, however, we obtain two special monocultivar oils dedicated to those who love to explore new flavours.

Spontaneous grass cover
Leave it to nature

We practice spontaneous grassing both in the olive grove and in the vineyard. This cultivation technique, which increases organic substances in the soil while keeping it more humid, is thus a valid supplement to the necessary fertilisation cycles.
We leave it to nature, following ancient techniques that we have not forgotten.

Sustainable packaging
Everything in its place

Sustainability for us does not stop at the management of the company and the processing of olives but continues in the packaging of our oil in recyclable glass bottles and aluminium cans – and now also in a three-litre bag-in-box, consisting of a polyethylene and aluminium bag with tap and protective cardboard packaging, all completely recyclable.
The advantages? No oxidation of the oil, which never comes into contact with oxygen, the creation of an air chamber between bag and package that helps maintain controlled temperatures, and a container that respects nature.

A family passion. As genuine as organic.

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